Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sunshine on my window

Dear summer,

Please hurry back. I am freezing to within an inch of my life and no amount of chunky knits and gas heaters will compensate for your delightfully balmy 30+ degree days.

I want to be where Jennifer Aniston is on that beach, I want to be back in Sicily floating in the Mediterranean sea, I want my skin to be golden, I want to be clothed in nothing but bikinis and sand, I want freckles and skin bathed in sunscreen, I want to feel burnt and look like I'm forever blushing, I want red and yellow sunsets and wide brimmed hats because...

sunshine on my window, makes me happy, like i should be.

Yours truly,

Jade Rose

Sunshine On My Window - Spiderbait lyrics

Photo credits, yours truly and as per below

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Damselfly, a girl's best friend

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend but personally I would much prefer the Stalactite ring from the latest Damselfly collection, Black Magic Woman. Apparently so too, would the likes of Kate Bosworth, Miranda Kerr and Gwen Stefani, all of whom have been spotted adorned in some form of Damselfly jewellery.

Quite remarkable for a label that was launched by a young Christianna Heideman fresh out of high school. Role forward ten years and it would appear that this born and bred Melbourne girl has a budding empire on her hands, one that now extends to a men's collection and an up and coming foray into leather ware.

Each collection is different unto its own, from the whimsical, to the bohemian, to the edgy, it is clear that inspiration flows thick and freely through a number of mediums. "It could be anything from a song, a piece of artwork, vintage jewellery, travel, or just people watching", claims Heideman.

Needing to know more (as I so often do) I dug a little deeper and decided to find out what goes on behind the semi precious stones, the fossilized material and the leather...


The name Damselfly is an indication of Heideman's life long fascination with insects or anything with wings. "From a young age, I liked to draw and paint butterflies, damselflies, birds...I was pretty obsessed for a while! (Actually I still am...) I just thought the name fit well, as it was feminine but also had personal significance for me".


Don't be surprised should Damselfly's next collection be entirely edible. Heideman's earliest memory of gifted jewellery was exactly that - a candy necklace from her first crush in primary school. "It was made of pink musk love hearts and I kept it for about two weeks before eating it! (I must have really liked him...). In terms of my first piece of non-edible jewellery, when I was about 6 I was given a sterling silver bracelet and matching necklace with little blue birds on it from my mum. I remember wearing them everyday and feeling like a princess".


According to Heideman there is no one way to describe Damselfly as a whole, ideas change from season to season. "It's really dependant on my inspirations at the time. However, I would describe the Damselfly woman as urban, confident, creative, nomadic, and free spirited.


The latest collection Black Magic Woman, is decidedly darker and edgier, eschewing the romantic, whimsical style of some of Damselfly's previous collections. This was done to more reflect Heideman's own personal style. "I have been studying the geological side of precious and semi precious stones and have become fascinated with raw, fossilized shells/stones as opposed to the highly polished, faceted stones that would generally be used in jewellery making. Many of the stones used, particularly Pyrite, Stibnite and fossilized shell, are in a very raw form and almost look like something you would find in outer space!"

Asked to pick her favourite from her latest collection and she says its almost too hard, but is drawn to the Pyrite sun stone pendant, "It is such an amazing stone, I could look at it for hours! Also the fossilized shell Nautilus ring is definitely a favourite".


When it comes to sourcing materials, Heideman is forever on the hunt for that something unique. "I travel a lot sourcing components but I would have to say I am constantly "sourcing" and thinking about potential collections. I spend a lot of time scouring through op shops, antique stores, markets and basically anyone that will let me know look through their jewellery boxes..."


Fast becoming something of a multi-tasker, Heideman also caters for the men in our lives, having launched Elias in 2005. "It began as a men's jewellery label but has also expanded into belts and wallets. I am now working on a leather ware range with plans to launch the collection next year.

As it would appear, ventures into overseas markets are also on the horizon. "We have just been picked up by an Asian based agent who has plans to expand the label throughout Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. We have previously dealt with all overseas sales in-house but I really do think you need an agent based in the country you're dealing with, otherwise it just gets a bit much to handle.

So whilst Heideman sticks to Pyrite rather than Diamonds, I'm sure that Diamonds or not, the likes of Marilyn Monroe would still approve.

Click HERE to visit Damselfly

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Riccardo Tisci ruined my day

Givenchy's autumn winter 2010/2011 couture collection by Riccardo Tisci. Need I say more?

Oh but I will.

Tumbling kilo grams of gold sequins, seventies flapper style fringing, chards of chantilly lace, feathers of the most exquisite kind and all this draped on the bodies of the eternally beautiful, falling to perfection on their tiny, elegant shoulders.

Just for one day I would like to be one of these models in one of these dresses. Is that too much to ask? Instead I spent my day at the Victoria Market, haggling to get $5 off a new straw trilby, ogling the array of cheeses on display and buying ricotta gnocchi from a lady who could barely be seen from underneath the hanging pasta that adorned her shop front window.

I thought this day was pretty much bliss until I saw these photos. Dam you Riccardo Tisci and your impossible haute couture perfection.