Tuesday, December 22, 2009

in the name of zoe

Zoe Elizabeth Swimwear 09/10.

If you haven't already purchased or at the very least had a look at whats on offer from this lovely label, then might I suggest you do so?

The self professed Bikini Queen mostly gets her inspiration from her grandmother's 50's beach style, which means lots of polka dots and liberty print fabrics that according to her feel amazing against your skin and are always in fashion.

Her latest offerings come in the form of her obligatory polka dots and lots of floral and frills. In a word or two, very feminine and uber pretty.

Then there is the shoot for the collection, which is equally as divine as the swimwear itself.

Friday, December 18, 2009

psychosomatic addict insane

Got some splendid new things to post about in the next week; including a look at the latest collection from ultra lovely Melbourne label TV along with a few words from designer Ingrid Verner on the inspiration behind it all.

In addition, I have managed to get a hold of the band folk at Little Red to share a few thoughts on their recent tour de force of the UK...yes they have managed to survive in one piece, kudos to them. And lastly fashion photographer Elvina Mae (to whom I am a large fan) has kindly donated some time to answering a few of my questions.

Worked a death-becomes-her 13 hour day yesterday and despite the aches running rife through my body I managed to drag myself off to Revolver (yes revolver of all places) in the wee small hours of the morning to catch my sister's boyfriend's DJ set.

You can ch-check out his stuff at www.myspace.com/kraymermusic

Managed to muster up the strength to snap a few photos while I was out, all the while enjoying the sounds emitting through the place, including an epic remix of the Prodigy's Breathe. Brought back so many memories of my rebellious youth (and their amazing set at Big Day Out earlier this year).

So until next week, I part ways with the wise words...go forth and drink merrily this Saturday 19th of December, i know i will be :)

psychosomatic addict insane - Breathe by the Prodigy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i still remember, how you looked that afternoon

Dear Miss Richie,

Oh how I have missed you so. You were once my style icon, long before the Olsens, Mosshart and Kruger stole my heart. But then you parted ways with Rachel Zoe and got your life together. Suddenly that hot Mary Jane smoking mess with the sickly thin collar bones that I so adored was no more and as ashamed as I am to admit it, I miss that girl.

You've done good though, with your babies and your growing clothing and jewellery empire. So for that I am willing to forgive. Spotted you at the launch of House of Harlow 1960 Holiday Collection during the week and I must say I am digging on the brunette and the bangs.
You will always be my number one.
Much love,
Jade Rose xx

P.s. miss richie if you are searching for an xmas present for any of your celeb friends you may want to check out the sass and bide frayed misfit jeans and zimmerman revelations lace dress I'm selling on ebay :))

"I still remember, how you looked that afternoon"
I Still Remember - Bloc Party

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the knitted quarterback

When you think American football you often think of huddles, head gear, receivers, Miller Lite beer and hot dogs. I doubt legions of football fans would think fashion.

Yet, behold Sandra Backlund.
It appears that Backlund (much like Alexander Wang spring/summer 10) has taken inspiration directly from the all American quarterback, in that its all about the super sized shoulders (rather than the super sized american meal deal). And might I say, she sure is on to a winning formula.

The blatantly overdone shoulders are accompanied by embellishments of the prettiest kind and each and every piece is handcrafted and knit by Backlund herself (she often sequesters herself in her studio with her knitting needles for hours on end). She is one of those designers whereby her pieces are more a work of art than a garment.

So whilst Backlund and her homeland of Sweden may know very little about American football, the concept of the knitted quarterback may be something that they and all those in the fashion know might want to look into - as it is essentially a garment that not only keeps you warm and looks on-trend, but has the potential to prevent injuries.

Backlund, you might say, is something of an all-rounder.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

boys wanna be her, girls wanna be her

Sometimes Kill's band mate to Jamie Hince, sometimes model, most of the time (as it appears at the moment) happily fronting new four piece super group The Dead Weather with the formidable Jack White.

I introduce Alison Mosshart aka the latest in a long line of my obsessions.

Not since Stevie Nicks has a leading lady fronted a band with such sass and blatant I don't give a f*ck attitude (she chain smokes on stage for hours on end and rarely interacts with the crowd). Her style is thrown together in that casually cool effortless way with a wardrobe that exposes long draping cardigans in Mexican patterns, plaid shirts thrown over ripped tees, torn jeans, scuffed vintage boots one day and Dior Homme gold boots the next.

Only Miss Mosshart would rock a Chloe show in chunky boots, torn jeans and pearls that would put the Queen to shame...and not only that but get away with it while smirking at the cameras. She strolls around town in leopard print overcoats, fur jackets and skinny leg jeans and essentially is what Kate Moss tries to be. The difference you ask? She has a voice to carry it off (Moss' warbling alongside Pete Doherty on La Belle et Le Bete just didn't quite cut it for me). Mosshart is in fact a source of contention between Hince and Moss and if you follow your tabloids as avidly as I do, you will note that she is said to have caused many a scuffle between the two. Moss vs Mosshart? Now there is a fight I would happily buy ringside tickets to see, can you imagine the leopard print and Louboutins that would come flying out of that one?

Allison Mosshart is the type of rock chick that the boys want and the girls want to be. Her blase somewhat arrogant attitude, killer voice and epic style has me hanging from the heavens.

Love her.

Boys wanna be her. Girls wanna be her - Peaches