Thursday, December 17, 2009

i still remember, how you looked that afternoon

Dear Miss Richie,

Oh how I have missed you so. You were once my style icon, long before the Olsens, Mosshart and Kruger stole my heart. But then you parted ways with Rachel Zoe and got your life together. Suddenly that hot Mary Jane smoking mess with the sickly thin collar bones that I so adored was no more and as ashamed as I am to admit it, I miss that girl.

You've done good though, with your babies and your growing clothing and jewellery empire. So for that I am willing to forgive. Spotted you at the launch of House of Harlow 1960 Holiday Collection during the week and I must say I am digging on the brunette and the bangs.
You will always be my number one.
Much love,
Jade Rose xx

P.s. miss richie if you are searching for an xmas present for any of your celeb friends you may want to check out the sass and bide frayed misfit jeans and zimmerman revelations lace dress I'm selling on ebay :))

"I still remember, how you looked that afternoon"
I Still Remember - Bloc Party


  1. Nicole looks gorgeous!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  2. hahah I love the honesty of loving her as a hot mess the most! :) I love her new dark hair though, love the blonde as well but it's a nice change! Great images you have here.

  3. Well-written and SO TRUE! I love that girl and I am still hopeful that she will surprise with an amazing comeback in the next few months. Fingers crossed!

  4. Love her. These photos are amazing.

  5. i love ur blooooooooooog
    Good work i follow u.
    vist&folloe me 2
    and please read my post abot the careras gala.
    this people need our help!

    have a nice weekend & a good christmas time.
    tzoules k.

  6. Nicole is amazing! great write-up!!! I´v loved her style since .. forever.. x

  7. Gorgeous bracelet!

  8. like her
    i think she looks specially good in missoni.

  9. Gorgeous photos of Miss Richie!
    I love the one of her with Rachel Zoe especially ;)

  10. I didn't like Nicole before she became a lovely mum.
    Great pics <3

  11. Thank you :)
    Mhhh Nicole is the BEST!!

  12. Have always LOVED nicole! such a stunner.
    Thanks for commenting me!

  13. F*ck, Nicole was hot. I loved her. Deeply. I still do. Her eyes are so Middle Eastern. Imagine her in a hijab. Hot.


  14. She has such a fun style, really inspiring, but I really dislike when she is so sickly looking!