Sunday, August 30, 2009

pretty as a peach

If there is such a thing as too pretty then Spanish beauty Clara Alonso fits the bill. She with her gorgeous flowing hair, pillow lips, ridiculously long eye lashes and those green green eyes. Its just not possible to be that pretty....yes I am insanely envious

blazerin' up

The humble blazer is a wardrobe staple, a style statement. I have amassed quite the collection, I have a basic black coat tail blazer, a H&M dress blazer, a navy velvet blazer....the list goes on. Yes its another of one of my many addictions.

Loving these looks...and contemplating adding another to my growing collection.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

givenchy bonds models

The cut away looks isn't going anywhere fast, especially not after viewing Venessa Traina and Astrid Munoz in similar Givenchy dresses. Encompassing the two major trends of the season (cutaway detaling and super-sized shoulders), the dress borders on the line of bondage but comes off as catwalk creation heaven. Both girls work it all too well. But Venessa shows us how important it is to be minimalistic when you have a piece that speaks for itself. Loving the simple ballet bun and barely there makeup with just a hint of orange shading around the eyes.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

american idol

there once was a brit girl who moved to the states, she then became an it girl who now a rockstar, she dates.
alexa chung - the next american idol

p.s. im off to see arctic monkeys tonight....hoping against hope chung will be in the crowd

its raining outside, may i come inside?

It was all going so well, the sun has been shining bright the last few days in London town (a rarity from what I understand, although my friends try and sell it to me otherwise) but alas now it rains and the sky is slate grey.
I sit and wait for it to clear...otherwise its on with the boots, umbrella in hand and off to High Street, Kensington to peruse the shop windows of which I can barely even afford to look at.