Monday, November 30, 2009

if tear drops were silver, oh how i'd shine

Gold has a social standing like no other and is often associated with the rich, the wealthy and the royal. For years people have panned for gold, finance gurus have eagerly watched the monetary value of gold rise and fall on a daily basis and many a rap star have implanted a gold tooth as a way of expressing that they had finally made it in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

But for me personally, I dig on silver. A silver spiked ring, a silver studded belt, a silver studded cuff, a silver skull, a silver pendant, a silver hematite cuff, a silver aubaine nail bracelet, the list could go on forever...

Needless to say every cloud has a silver lining and for me I see a silver future courtesy of the folk at Urban Outfitters.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

you are my high

They say when you fall in love, not even the sweetest words can explain that feeling you feel, that euphoria within. You just want to be with that person day and night, never far apart.

I think I now understand what people have been banging on about for years...and I am finally ready to admit to it.


with these Kirrily Johnston shoes.

I spotted them on the catwalk a few months ago but it wasn't until I placed them on my feet in store last week that I had a real Cinderella moment.

To some they may seem just a clunky mass of platform shoe but to me, oh-to-me they are just the sweetest things alive.

I will happily stop seeing my friends and forgo the single life if I can spend every waking moment with these things. In my mind I have already paired them with my faux leather American Apparel leggings for a result that will give the illusion that I'm actually no less than ten feet tall.

All I hope now is that they don't break my heart because I have already written "Kirrily Johsnton Platform Searching Heel 4EVA" all over my pencil case.

give me sun, give me dirt, give me water

The Waif's said it best when they sang, give me sun, give me dirt, give me water. The only thing they forgot to add (sand replacing dirt aside), was give me ZIMMERMAN.

I'm sure they just forgot to add in that last lyric when they wrote a song with sweet everlasting love in mind.

Sun plus sand plus water plus Zimmerman equals my idea of summer bliss.

Log on to and their bold choice of patterns, colours and the combination of a mismatch of the two are purely and simply amazing.

They subtly manage to incorporate runway trends into their swimwear collection that are still practical enough to withstand the wear and tear of the surf. Case in point with their summer 09/10 collection where there are cut outs, tie backs, lace ups, corset boning and draping. This all may sound odd in reference to swimwear but I challenge you to find a pair that doesn't enhance your finer features.

I refuse to endure a summer long season without the purchase of at least one pair of Zimmerman's bikinis. This year however I am fighting an uphill sand dune battle. I have my eye on no less than three pairs but an old promise I made to myself wayyy back in June (to forgo the purchase of Zimmerman bikinis for an entire year due to the spend-age of a weeks plus wage on a pair of Fleur T for Topshop bikinis when I was in London) has returned to haunt me.

Lucky for me I don't live for the past, I live a little for the future (i.e the future beach parties I hope to attend) and a lot for the now.

So for now, the Zimmerman summer gods are pointing me in the direction of the Bittersweet Twist one-piece in orchid....and the Billow loop knot bikinis in lilac....and perhaps the Chelsea frill bandeau bikini in leopard print.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

say hi to a better forever

On Friday I was saddened to hear of the passing of Daul Kim. You've heard it all before I'm sure, but the tragic loss of someone so young is truly heartbreaking. I have had many friends who have spent years suffering depression and to think that there are those that go it alone and see no way out is almost too much to bare.
So when you get a spare chance and a spare dollar perhaps think about donating to a charity that supports those that suffer from this terrible illness.

Daul Kim was a beauty of large proportions, I'm sure both inside and out. The last post on her blog was titled 'say hi to forever'. I truly hope that her new forever welcomed her with open arms on Friday and that she has now found that peace she was desperately searching for.

Monday, November 16, 2009

chloe watch

It's been a while since I have seen Chloe lurking about the social pages or the party scene slide shows at

Needless to say she has returned with a swagger only Sevigny could pull off and how I have missed her quirky style so. In the past week she has made appearances at the MOCA New 20th Anniversary Gala & after party, then there was Prada's book launch cocktail party and lastly Tom Ford's 'A Single Man' Closing night soiree.

As always she was rocking the mismatched look to perfection. Because who wouldn't think to pair a sequined high neck blouse with a floral skirt or to wear a twin set cardigan with exposed lingerie?

Oh just to have the presence, the pizazz and the gusto that our dear Chloe does...just for one day.