Thursday, February 25, 2010

road trippin'

A friend of mine (not the label) is currently cooling her heels at Melbourne Airport about to board a flight for Thailand...for six whole weeks

Oh the pain, my heart aches so

Instead, my sister and I are about to load my little car and head in the direction of the Great Ocean Road for what will perhaps be one of the last hot summer days.

We've packed the SLR for photo opp's, an eskie filled with treats, gallons of water and lashings of sunscreen plus a wee bit of pocket money so we can purchase some fish and chips on the beach.

Thailand may have Phi Phi Island but we have the knowledge that on our way to Torquay we can stop at one of the greatest vintage stores known to man.....the Geelong Mill Markets.

Melbourne 1
Thailand 0

all in favour of the vintage beach train, say potato cakes??

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

leg it

I'm not a jeans and tshirt girl.
Yet I have several pairs of jeans (majority of which never get worn).

I'm more of an oversized tshirt and leggings girl.
Yet I have less pairs of leggings than I do jeans (all of which I wear to death).
My sister bought me a lovely pair of grey tweed marle ribbed Country Road leggings for my birthday last week. In a word, divine.
And yet I am still craving ever single pair of leggings as featured in Kirrily Johnston's new Cave Dwellers Autumn/Winter 10 collection.
Why-oh-why must I be so difficult?

in summary

cushnie et ochs

rebecca taylor


erin wasson x RVCA

elie tahari


diane von furstenberg

helmut lang

BCBG MaxAzria

I don't often like to do posts on a city's Fashion Week. I feel that everybody else covers it oh-so well and that there is simply nothing more to say.

However....I just can't help myself this time around.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2010, you've got my heart.

In quick summary, it is once again all about black but with muted shades of grey and more neutral nude and beige tones. Ankle boots have yet to see their hey day and this year around they appear chunkier than ever (thank you shoe gods!). White tights are the new opaques and grey ribbed leggings shall be my new best friend. Also noted is an extreme amount of layering and draping. I am gladly celebrating the return of draping...nothing excites me more than draped dresses, skirts, jumpers, anything draped and oversize has well and truly got me hooked.

So there you have it. For a self confessed extreme winter-hater I sure am getting excited about the autumn that is fast approaching, so long as each of these pieces above are placed nicely in my wardrobe by summer's end....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

wanted dead or alive


Missing: Uber clunky/sky high wedge platform shoes stolen by Rumi from Fashion Toast. A bi-product of Jessica Simpson's shoe range (minor details for which I am willing to overlook just this once) these shoes must be returned asap.

If anyone see's her wandering around the streets of San Diego avec my shoes please contact me, I want them back.

all the silver coins I have left in my wallet

Monday, February 8, 2010

please sir can i have some more?

I don't know why but for some reason these Country Road dark charcol side pocket sweat pants for Autumn/Winter 2010 collection reminded me of something that was worn by the orphans in Oliver Twist.
With winter a few months away, long johns that can be worn as outerwear with a pair of ankle boots nonetheless, are exactly what I will be wanting.
Buying these NOW. Because I'm all about pre-organising the winter wardrobe months in advance/have no self control to stop myself from purchasing un-necessary items whilst in the midst of a summer heatwave.

camilla and marc cherry frock

camilla and marc roma frock

camilla and marc benedict top

willow cascading asymmetrical side drape top

willow cut-wave dress with draped sleeve

camilla and marc grand prince tee

camilla and marc re-cut biker knee legging

I'm not going to lie, I'm not one for lots of colour or big on pretty feminine dresses but every once in a while I succumb to the girlie girl buried deep within and fall a little in love with all things, lace, pretty and sequinned.

However, when I logged onto last week to scope the latest in season fare, I nearly died at the sight of all the divine new items available for pre-order. Camilla and Marc got my heart when they offered up their ivory lace cherry frock and then Willow stole it completely with their cut wave dress.

But just when I thought my tastes had changed and I'd become a real lady, I spied a pair of Camilla and Marc re-cut biker leggings and their series of Grand Prince shoulder pad-studded tees and returned to my rock chick (wannabe) roots faster than you can say leather.

Now please help me choose which item I am allowed to put on my credit card this month??