Friday, October 23, 2009

sex sells

Another week in fashion has passed us by and with that goes another few millions in revenue raised. No doubt in some small part thanks to a few editorials that got a plenty o'hearts a racing.

Introducing the divine Miss Anja Rubik with her real life prince charming Sasha Knezevic in the bi monthly men's magazine Man About Town where it was all about cavorting lovers in the sanctity of a forest. Then we had Michelle Buswell & Eva in French Revue De Modes Fall 09 with daring nudity, thigh high boots and the no-current-shoot-can-be-complete-without-them "mouse ears". To the eternally young Naomi Campbell in DT October 09. And lastly Terry Richardson's muse Natasha Poly nude for Muse#19.

In the world of fashion you would think its all about the clothes but dare I say it, I think these images prove that its anything but. I believe the old newspaper catch cry used to be 'Extra Extra Read All About It'....why do that when you can see it all with your own very eyes.
Sex sells, always has and always will.

Kirrily Johnston spring summer 09/10

3.1 Phillip Lim spring summer 09/10

Tis' friday night and I'm home sweet home. I have been craving a night in all week. Its cold so its the perfect excuse for hoodies, woolen socks and a fur blanket. A steaming green tea sits idle beside me and im waiting until its just bearable enough to hit my tongue, chocolate is chilling to perfection fridge side, movie is in the DVD player and my laptop is at hand so I can research to my hearts content.

Saw the most amazzzzzzzzzzzzing butterscotch leather Kirrily Johnston skirt online the other day and since then I cannot get it out of my head. I have literally envisioned it with every single racer back singlet and Bassike tee I own and every cream and black lace top I will buy to go with it. How can I justify the expense though? I thought maybe I could wear it track side next week at the races. But leather isn't exactly ladylike now is it? Oh the friday night dilemma, to buy or not to buy! I'm waiting for a sign from higher above that will point me in the right direction...but something tells me I will be going without necessities such as food and petrol for the next few weeks to satisfy my burning desire.

p.s. it appears Phillip Lim likes spring leather too...great minds think alike...or at least I like to think so.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

come side with me

Anything that Alexander Wang does is never anything short of amazing. And whilst his spring summer 09-10 collection had everyone buzzing at New York fashion week, it really was his catwalk braid that set the tone for the new season.

Hit the blogs and you'll find every budding fashionista sporting the teased plait to Wang perfection.
Don't get me wrong, I do love it but as a hair-out kinda gal I'm issuing a warrant for the return of the tousled side part. Nothing excites me more than pictorials of the uber cool Alice Dellal in all her grunge glory with strategically placed side part, tousled just enough so you can glimpse her dark roots and wonder if she has just crawled out of bed.

Braids are of the moment, but the side part will always be epic.

a field of sequins

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is often a mine field for the bold and the beautiful. A race that stops the nation aside, it is a viewing platform or alternatively a catwalk for those in the fashion know.
Sometimes however all this glamour gets lost amongst the trash found sprawled on the well manicured lawns at the end of the day, the withered home made fascintators and the too short/barely there excuse for a dress. You will mainly find all the above loitering around the general admission area on race day.

However there was a shining light to be found this past weekend at Caulfield Cup. And no I'm not talking about Miranda Kerr (in fact I was quite disappointed with what she brought to the table). I speak instead of a beacon of sequins that shone bright in the members area...and send my kudos to the lovely lass who took to the track in those gold sequined harem pants. You my dear were impossibly chic.

They often say sequins and pants or shorts of any kind are a fashion faux pas for race day but I am one to disagree....provided of course you have the cheek to pull it off with a sprinkling of class
For if Jean Shrimpton could get away with bending the rules ever so slightly then why can't the rest of us?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

if i were but a mere male

Its about that time for a post where I wish to be a male so I could wear the above.

So I could wake up in the morning and look down at my Tag Heur to check the time, before I jump out of bed and throw on that tshirt and those boots, before I head out onto the streets of New York in those shorts and vintage racer back top, before I meet friends and lay in the sun sporting those cool shades where we compare my black canvas carry bag with the tweed bag with the faux rope looking leather handles I bought a week earlier, before I casually reach down to pick up my denim blazer and head to hail a New York City cab to take me to the meat packing district to search for Tallulah Morton..whom I hope I will take home tonight.

See now, if I were a mere male I would have it all but figured out.