Sunday, October 11, 2009

monday pretties

Ain't nothing finer than a lazy weekend spent down the coast, with sweeping views of the ocean, a glass of rose in one hand and some Acne reading material in the other

It was all good food, great company, chatting about nothing long into the night, sleeping in, waking up content, sun glorious sun, more food, music that makes your skin tingle, cadbury chocolate that melts on your tongue, chilling with your family

And then you arrive at that point. That point on a Sunday when you know if you go to sleep you're going to have to wake up on a Monday

and so now, here we are
wondering out aloud if these girls ever get Monday blues?


  1. The picture of Kate & Naomi in the plane is GOLD! that sounds like such a primo weekend *sigh* ! x

  2. wow,
    love the choice of photos!
    i really like the picture of the girl with lots and lots of rings :)

    love annie, xx

  3. I adore all this pics, sitting behind my desk on a monday morning..these pics make me happy!

    One Love,

  4. I was going to mention the photos I especialy liked but I would have to list the whole lot of them. Rad!

  5. definitely suffering from a major case of monday blues :( cant stop coughing and im seriously falling behind at school and i miss the weekend!

    love the pics though, i spy daisy lowe! always makes me feel better ;)


  6. amazing post, I can't pick a favourite.

  7. i needed this pick me up today.


  8. Hi,

    Quite probably one of the best set of photos that I've seen here in terms of creativity, concerning the photos and the wearings.

    Best regards,