Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a field of sequins

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is often a mine field for the bold and the beautiful. A race that stops the nation aside, it is a viewing platform or alternatively a catwalk for those in the fashion know.
Sometimes however all this glamour gets lost amongst the trash found sprawled on the well manicured lawns at the end of the day, the withered home made fascintators and the too short/barely there excuse for a dress. You will mainly find all the above loitering around the general admission area on race day.

However there was a shining light to be found this past weekend at Caulfield Cup. And no I'm not talking about Miranda Kerr (in fact I was quite disappointed with what she brought to the table). I speak instead of a beacon of sequins that shone bright in the members area...and send my kudos to the lovely lass who took to the track in those gold sequined harem pants. You my dear were impossibly chic.

They often say sequins and pants or shorts of any kind are a fashion faux pas for race day but I am one to disagree....provided of course you have the cheek to pull it off with a sprinkling of class
For if Jean Shrimpton could get away with bending the rules ever so slightly then why can't the rest of us?


  1. i looove the sequin trousers! just hang me up like a disco ball ;)


  2. love the sequined pants!
    and i love the shoes :)
    nice post!

    love annie <3