Friday, October 23, 2009

Kirrily Johnston spring summer 09/10

3.1 Phillip Lim spring summer 09/10

Tis' friday night and I'm home sweet home. I have been craving a night in all week. Its cold so its the perfect excuse for hoodies, woolen socks and a fur blanket. A steaming green tea sits idle beside me and im waiting until its just bearable enough to hit my tongue, chocolate is chilling to perfection fridge side, movie is in the DVD player and my laptop is at hand so I can research to my hearts content.

Saw the most amazzzzzzzzzzzzing butterscotch leather Kirrily Johnston skirt online the other day and since then I cannot get it out of my head. I have literally envisioned it with every single racer back singlet and Bassike tee I own and every cream and black lace top I will buy to go with it. How can I justify the expense though? I thought maybe I could wear it track side next week at the races. But leather isn't exactly ladylike now is it? Oh the friday night dilemma, to buy or not to buy! I'm waiting for a sign from higher above that will point me in the right direction...but something tells me I will be going without necessities such as food and petrol for the next few weeks to satisfy my burning desire.

p.s. it appears Phillip Lim likes spring leather too...great minds think alike...or at least I like to think so.


  1. great runway pictures, i love the 2nd one!

    love annie <3

  2. What a delightful image you're allowing me to envision, sounds like a perfect night in. I just stumbled across your blog, really like it. Looking forward to reading more in future!