Sunday, January 31, 2010

monday i have Frye on my mind

The balmy 30 degree temperatures outside would suggest that Summer remains ever so present here in Melbourne today. But rewind things a fraction back to last week and one wouldn't' be so sure. That's the thing about Melbourne weather, its fickle. Much like myself. So when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories what I love one week will differ entirely to what I am lusting for the next.

This week I can't even begin to describe my total and utter love/passion/obsession/addiction for these Frye rogan studded combat boots. I would even go as far as saying I would trade my entire shoe collection for them. If I don't receive a pair of these for my birthday consider it a day spent in tears, wallowing in self pity. I can see them pairing so well with my just purchased, slash eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Shakuhachi dusty pink Geisha Girl shirt dress. I think I just shed a little tear of excitement.

Monday I have Frye on my mind.

Talk to me next week though and I am sure my obsession/love/passion/addiction will have been placed elsewhere.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

nothing but flowers - TV collection AW10

So a little before the madness that encapsulated my Christmas I was in touch with the lovely ladies (Monika Tywanek and Ingrid Verner) that form the duo of fashion forward Melbourne label, TV. Luckily for me Ingrid was able to take a few minutes out of her very busy schedule to answer three of my most pressing questions (see below!!)

In addition, the girls were kind enough to send me a preview of what I would no doubt be sporting come Autumn/Winter 2010. Nonetheless after having viewed the lookbook I was neither surprised nor shocked that I had fallen in love....again, with a TV collection.

Eclectic designs, outrageous prints and quality craftsmanship are all once again present and are seemingly the only constant that follow on from collection to collection. You see, TV unlike other Australian fashion labels (take note Sass and Bide and your tried and tested tassels, frills and your barely there cut out dresses three seasons into the mix), don't stick to a working formula or try and transition what worked last season into the next. TV is all about the future, the present and the now, with little care for what has been done seasons before.
Each TV collection definitely has that modern element to it but at the same time you feel as if you are taking a giant step into an insanely amazing vintage closet filled with goodies you would never normally pair together.
Ingrid on the inspiration behind the latest collection, Nothing but Flowers:

The "Nothing But Flowers" collection retains a few tiny key concepts from last season (laser cutting, linear patterned knits) with a shift from harder more militaristic undertones toward the more feminine and optimistic. Fabrics play an important role in defining the concept. The contradiction between the natural and the unnatural; between the floral and the fluro. It's a bit of classic hits collection, of highly wearable pieces that in many ways defines the principle direction for TV.

Ingrid on her favourite piece from the recent collection:

The tapestry jeans and floral jumpsuit and the hand knitted fox stole

Ingrid on the development of TV and how they strive to do something completely different with each collection:

TV’s dynamism stems from its willingness to take risks. Absent is the compulsion to stick to a working formula or dwell on past success. We like keeping ourselves interested so we try not to get stuck on one thing and repeat it every season. International designers don't influence our label. Instead, the constant theme across each TV collection is the interplay between my designs and Monika's expertise in textile development.

P.s. a big thankyou to Monika and Ingrid for their time and the most enjoyable sneak peak of my new autmn winter wardrobe!

Monday, January 11, 2010

its all very well stepping out in black and white

Calvin Harris once waxed lyrical about the need for us to get some colours on. Personally I think its all very well stepping out in classic black and white...and beige.
Evidently Fashion Toast and Stockholm Street Style agree. For they are all about the beige, the black and the white. Not to mention the knee high boot, the illusion of suspender stockings, the oversized tee, the oversized jumper and the faux fur (or so we hope).

Black, white and beige are the colours of my kind of rainbow.
Calvin Harris - Colours

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

back from the dead

I'm back from the dead....literally. I had ran away from life and was sunning myself in Perth, West of Australia since ye old Christmas day. My-oh-my does it hurt to be back.

Put simply - reality bites.

Nevertheless I have my Feb edition of Rushh, a delightful new pair of Friend of Mine shoes, a free copy of Lure and a whole heap of wonderful blogs to pour through, to keep me going.

I also come bearing gifts in the next few days, that I had promised before Christmas.

So until we meet again, enjoy the pretty pictures...