Sunday, January 31, 2010

monday i have Frye on my mind

The balmy 30 degree temperatures outside would suggest that Summer remains ever so present here in Melbourne today. But rewind things a fraction back to last week and one wouldn't' be so sure. That's the thing about Melbourne weather, its fickle. Much like myself. So when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories what I love one week will differ entirely to what I am lusting for the next.

This week I can't even begin to describe my total and utter love/passion/obsession/addiction for these Frye rogan studded combat boots. I would even go as far as saying I would trade my entire shoe collection for them. If I don't receive a pair of these for my birthday consider it a day spent in tears, wallowing in self pity. I can see them pairing so well with my just purchased, slash eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Shakuhachi dusty pink Geisha Girl shirt dress. I think I just shed a little tear of excitement.

Monday I have Frye on my mind.

Talk to me next week though and I am sure my obsession/love/passion/addiction will have been placed elsewhere.


  1. love them!!!
    thanks for your sweet comment!!!
    xoxo amber

  2. thanks for leaving a comment :D

    nice blog!

  3. i've nvr been a personal fan of combat boots but i LOVE the studded detailing of this one

  4. Those are amazing - love the studded details!

  5. oh no.....oh noooooooooooo I now have to have! so rad!


  6. ahhh.
    This is so lovely. Studs 'n shoes = My new obsession....
    Panda xx
    If only they were cheaper...
    Oh and thanks for your sweet comment!