Monday, February 8, 2010

please sir can i have some more?

I don't know why but for some reason these Country Road dark charcol side pocket sweat pants for Autumn/Winter 2010 collection reminded me of something that was worn by the orphans in Oliver Twist.
With winter a few months away, long johns that can be worn as outerwear with a pair of ankle boots nonetheless, are exactly what I will be wanting.
Buying these NOW. Because I'm all about pre-organising the winter wardrobe months in advance/have no self control to stop myself from purchasing un-necessary items whilst in the midst of a summer heatwave.


  1. Those sweatpants look amazing, though i like the jacket a little bit more.

  2. so in love with the jacket, the colour is divine!

  3. I want this entire look! Every single piece!

  4. Those look so cute!!! I love the sweats.

    PS I tagged you for an award!! :) Thanks for being so super rad!!!

  5. you're too right! they are amazing. I'm with you on pre-organising a winter wardrobe. I just got a leather jacket and blazer tailor made in the heatwave of thailand. Longing for winter dazzze!

  6. i am absolutely completely in love with those pants! can you get them in the states?!!


  7. Sweatpants as the new trend for Spring Summer? YES THANK YOU!

  8. you have a gorgeous blog, and some lovely photos too :)
    if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks x