Thursday, February 25, 2010

road trippin'

A friend of mine (not the label) is currently cooling her heels at Melbourne Airport about to board a flight for Thailand...for six whole weeks

Oh the pain, my heart aches so

Instead, my sister and I are about to load my little car and head in the direction of the Great Ocean Road for what will perhaps be one of the last hot summer days.

We've packed the SLR for photo opp's, an eskie filled with treats, gallons of water and lashings of sunscreen plus a wee bit of pocket money so we can purchase some fish and chips on the beach.

Thailand may have Phi Phi Island but we have the knowledge that on our way to Torquay we can stop at one of the greatest vintage stores known to man.....the Geelong Mill Markets.

Melbourne 1
Thailand 0

all in favour of the vintage beach train, say potato cakes??


  1. Pic #2 has me drooling over those hard, tanned abs. Mmm mmm mmm...
    and potato cakes! Though, I'm not sure if it's exactly what I'm imagining :P


  2. sounds awesome- and the pictures are utterly amazing and envy inspiring!

  3. Thailand for 6 weeks...oh must be soo great
    love the pictures