Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wang's wisdom

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing"

- Alexander Wang -

Case in point, to all the models as seen in and around the fashionable meat packing district and the taxi laden streets of downtown New York for New York City Fashion Week February 2010 (oh and I've thrown in a few Paris fashion week snaps for good measure!)

Quite frankly however, I was a little disappointed. Now I'm sure the subliminally freezing temperatures in NYC were mostly to blame, but have we not yet seen the end of PVC leggings, biker boots and the ubiquitous model trademark black jeans?

(...she says as she jumps online in desperate search of all three items at a fraction of the cost of a model's buy price)

Evidently not.


  1. AHAHAHAHAAH that is awesome, It is a good staple though eh!


  2. great pictures!

    i agree with you in part, i do think alot of street styles are lacking in originality nowadays, especially during fashion week.

    however, i wouldn't mind a few of those coats and scarves, everyone looks mighty warn and snuggly :)

    i always think summer fashion is when people feel more free and experimental. bring on the sun ♥

  3. AMAZING! I love it. Especially the pinkish tights with the shoes.

  4. a wang is such a cool guy I am as in love as the rest of the world!

    and I heart the fur coat :)

  5. Ha I know what you mean! Really love all the furry jackets though!

  6. i loveeeee the last two outfits.....fur fur fur! x

  7. Loved your posts. Hope you can stop by my blog.. xx

    Fashion, photography & inspiration

  8. looks like someone is sick of the MOD look! :P

  9. too many great things in one post !