Friday, March 12, 2010

lord of the rings

Its been a month since my birthday and a few months since christmas, so whilst I am now another year older and none the wiser, I am still smarting over the pretty bling bling gifts I received.

Exhibit A - my shiny new silver jade green ring to which I owe either many a compliment or many an akward stare (yes it is B-I-G). My dear dad actually put this one together, so not only is it prettier than I had imagined but it is handmade and therefore has all the more meaning.

Exhibit B - my most adored Christmas present (from Santa of course), my Friend of Mine MJ camel suede wedge boots. I put these on and life is suddenly a whole lot sweeter.

And lastly, I present my Samantha Wills charm bracelets...I wear one at least every day but they look best when they are dangling off my arm all together, in which case you can hear me approaching from a mile away.

Charmed indeed

And as would Julie Andrew's would say....'these are a few of my favourite things'.


  1. Man, at first, I thought all these images were "inspiration" type stuff... I'm so happy to read that they're all YOURS! All the more impressive. Love it all!


  2. very cute! I love everything pictured here. Especially your hand at the bottom- so bangin'.

  3. love rings and the 1st one is fab

  4. Wow! Your dad made that ring?! Amazing! I LOVE IT! Does he sell his stuff anywhere or is just a for-fun/for-family thing? :)

    A.Co @

  5. lovely pieces, I really love those shoes the tan color is perfect! I would wear them all summer...xoxo

  6. I love all the rings! And those shoes are adorable!

  7. the ring is gorgeous and amazing that it's handmade! lucky xx

  8. I love the woven silver ring and those shoes with all the buckles, they are killer!

    Just found your blog and I REALLY like it, seems like you really know your to explore all the other amazingness you are sharing here...

    xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new follower in Paris