Monday, March 22, 2010

one plus one equals Friend of Mine Winter 2010

So here's the thing, I'm meant to be studying...the aim is to get my first assignment in for my new course by the end of this week.

But how is this possible if I can't seem to drag my eyes away from blog after blog after blog (none of which are related to Freelance Journalism Fundamentals 1).

Currently on my radar...Friend of Mine Winter 2010.

After viewing the AMAZING collection I put together this equation;

1x pre owned Friend of Mine MJ Tan wedge boots


1x newly purchased black and tan spotted Friend of Mine Winter 2010 dress with black lace up detail


(a) joy beyond belief,

(b) another terribly bad/unnecessary dent on the credit card, or

(c) all of the above?

I'm afraid my math skills have always been quite terrible so as a result I am going to take a guess and circle the answer A.


  1. These are gorgeous!
    Im thinking the dress is an INVESTMENT :D

  2. amazing collection!!
    check out my blog:

  3. Great collection, love the dresses.
    And thanks for passing by! Sophie Van der Perre is an excellent photographer ;)


  4. I really like it! That model looks so angry though lol

  5. Love love love it. I would like the thigh high boots pleeeease =D

  6. one plus one equals about 00.0% of the amount of money needed to buy anything from FOM. :( (Until we become rich that is)

  7. holy shit these are amazing. love. love. love.

  8. great images
    i love the shoes in them x