Tuesday, February 16, 2010

leg it

I'm not a jeans and tshirt girl.
Yet I have several pairs of jeans (majority of which never get worn).

I'm more of an oversized tshirt and leggings girl.
Yet I have less pairs of leggings than I do jeans (all of which I wear to death).
My sister bought me a lovely pair of grey tweed marle ribbed Country Road leggings for my birthday last week. In a word, divine.
And yet I am still craving ever single pair of leggings as featured in Kirrily Johnston's new Cave Dwellers Autumn/Winter 10 collection.
Why-oh-why must I be so difficult?


  1. I'm a jeans girl... not a t-shirt girl though.... at all! I'm with you on the oversized shirt and leggings. I love these too! haha.

  2. the draping in the first 2 pictures is incredible, love it!

  3. love all the beige tone on tone colors. very nice. i do love my jeans though, have to admit, they just 'keep everything in there' ya know?

  4. Just found the joy of leggings, and this post inspired me even more. :)

  5. Those leggings are so cool! X