Thursday, November 12, 2009

lady love

I hate to admit it because its so cliched....but I have some serious lady love for Christine Centenera. Yes so does every other blogger on this earth but I feel that by finally putting pen to paper (or should that be keyboard to blog), that my first post on this it girl is my right of passage in the blogging world.
She the fashion editor of Australia's Harpers Bazaar (yes we can actually claim this one as our own) has sparked a frenzy of street fashion phenomena. The girl never has an off day and is what I would consider to be somewhat of a poster girl for the in season shoulder pad. So whilst most of the fashion elite are fighting off claims they have had a face lift, our dear Christine has proudly announced that she isn't one to shy away from a little lift in the shoulder department.

Her forte is shoes (her collection sends my heart into a platform heeled flutter), her legs are envious and her clothing I cannot even begin to describe. Except to say that her style is edgy -she pairs fur with studs and leather making it look like black and white are the odd couple. She does casual chic with ease one day and then sends you into a tail spin the next by wearing a dress of a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns combined with mismatched shoes that work so well you wonder if your eyes are actually deceiving you?

It is without hesitation that I can say that Centenera is fashion centuries ahead of the rest of us.


  1. ah my god!!

    i love all these outfits!
    street style is definitely my style! :D

    love annie xx

  2. Shoes, shoes, shoes! She makes it look so effortless, it probably is to her. Gosh, how pretty - makes me want to be a girl about town! :)

  3. I love this girl!!!
    she has an amazing style,


  4. Love all these outfits - she has perfect style.

  5. Shes just so great all the time got to love her

  6. i was going to just pick one fav outfit
    and tell you about it
    but as i scrolled down, her outfits became "to die for".
    her shoes, balmain blazer, style AMAZING

  7. wow looking at the pictures I thot she must be a model or stg. and she is actually a fashion editor??? she's perfection.

  8. she's actually SO amazing .
    i lovelovelove her .

  9. she's so gorgeous!!

  10. yes yes shes amazing!!!
    yeah this coming friday just go back and read my friday post hahhaha
    your blog is killer


  11. i love this post, even if it is cliche... she's wonderful.



  12. I saw her for the 1st time on the sartorialist and have been a fan ever since..:)