Monday, November 2, 2009

my black heart aches for

I want to steal the clothe's off alexa chung's back on a daily basis
I want that fur jacket and plaid shirt, in that exact order
I want a gold lame adidas bag just like hers
I want that sheer Chloe shirt and those Bassike leather pants
I want her eyes
I want to ride shot gun in that trailer through a Californian desert
I want to be an Olsen just for one day
I want to claim that photo as my own
I want that large faux clock hanging as a centre piece in my room
I want more leopard in my life
I want to sell my soul for that Zimmerman body suit
I want a parisienne style maxi dress more than I want a crepe
I want to be as new york cool as Jess Hart
I want that pouch necklace hanging around my neck
I want to be that strong when I'm that old
I want to be in that photo standing right next to Warhol
I want to I asking for too much?


  1. ahah i looove this post, and in a few words: i want it aaaalll ;)


  2. darling that's a lot to ask for
    but if you don't ask.... you don't get!
    and that granny doing the yoga pose, now i'm feeling guilty for missing my class!

  3. Ahhh! These pictures are inspiring me by the second. The 2nd photo is my favourite. That girl is flawless. Her hair and her coat, amazing.

  4. great selection of pictures. specially alexa's that editorial is so perfect.

  5. u know u would never give up the opportunity for a nutella crap? xox that is all xox

  6. love the granny photo tucked in there!