Monday, November 16, 2009

jalouse is a curse

I'm not sure why (a sentiment of sheer boredom perhaps) but last night, I felt the need to go through a back catalogue of editions of Jalouse Magazine. Jalouse would have to be one of mon absolutement favourites (ssshhh don't tell Rush or Harper's, for I fear retribution).
A french magazine for the young and by the young, Jalouse has been the magazine devoted almost entirely to the trendy in crowd in Paris. Noted for its daring and contemporary editorial pieces since its inception in 1998, it looks towards pushing an avant-garde view that shakes up preconceived ideas and constantly innovates.

Such was my obsession with getting my hands on editorial years gone by that I hardly thought the need to sleep. A sleepless night and many happy hours later, the result is a little post on some of my Jalouse favourites....enjoy.
A subscription to Jalouse has been placed as number one on my Christmas wish list, lets hope someone pulls through.


  1. hahah I was wondering what the "curse" was. I have never heard of this magazine but after looking at these pictures - gimme, gimme!

  2. I've never read the magazine either... It's going on my to do list!! These girls are banging!

  3. should i tell your mother?
    i wouldn't mind stealing issues off you if you have a subscription....