Sunday, November 22, 2009

say hi to a better forever

On Friday I was saddened to hear of the passing of Daul Kim. You've heard it all before I'm sure, but the tragic loss of someone so young is truly heartbreaking. I have had many friends who have spent years suffering depression and to think that there are those that go it alone and see no way out is almost too much to bare.
So when you get a spare chance and a spare dollar perhaps think about donating to a charity that supports those that suffer from this terrible illness.

Daul Kim was a beauty of large proportions, I'm sure both inside and out. The last post on her blog was titled 'say hi to forever'. I truly hope that her new forever welcomed her with open arms on Friday and that she has now found that peace she was desperately searching for.


  1. This is so sad! but not only for her but for the millions of other people out there suffering from depression.

    Kim xx

  2. I'm so fucking speechless......

  3. i think her commiting suicide now really should make us think long and hard about what models must be going through with many of them suffering from illnesses like anerexia or bulimia which are mental illnesses that can cause serious physical harm.
    also being a model, i think can be quite lonely which can cause depression which can result in suicide or being hospitalised. the problem is its hard to speak out so many people are going through this alone. thats why these charities are so amazing coz they give people suffering someone to talk to and who will give them advise. these charities are definitely forgotten about so we really should talk about them more.
    great post x

  4. Yeah, I read about this and was so sad. How awful. Shows that no matter how beautiful you are,you are still suspect to the same demons. Suicide prevention is something I focus on as one of my loved one's parents commit suicide a few years ago. Very awful and heartbreaking. I hope she has found the peace she so desired.

  5. That was sad news to hear last week.

    Thanks for your comment. I love your blog!

  6. stunning photographs. her death is truly tragic. she was one of the most talented models in the industry...

  7. It is always such a shock to see someone young die so suddenly.

  8. I am still heartbroken...
    great blog by the way- thanks for stopping by mine :)
    have a lovely day, xoxo