Wednesday, November 25, 2009

give me sun, give me dirt, give me water

The Waif's said it best when they sang, give me sun, give me dirt, give me water. The only thing they forgot to add (sand replacing dirt aside), was give me ZIMMERMAN.

I'm sure they just forgot to add in that last lyric when they wrote a song with sweet everlasting love in mind.

Sun plus sand plus water plus Zimmerman equals my idea of summer bliss.

Log on to and their bold choice of patterns, colours and the combination of a mismatch of the two are purely and simply amazing.

They subtly manage to incorporate runway trends into their swimwear collection that are still practical enough to withstand the wear and tear of the surf. Case in point with their summer 09/10 collection where there are cut outs, tie backs, lace ups, corset boning and draping. This all may sound odd in reference to swimwear but I challenge you to find a pair that doesn't enhance your finer features.

I refuse to endure a summer long season without the purchase of at least one pair of Zimmerman's bikinis. This year however I am fighting an uphill sand dune battle. I have my eye on no less than three pairs but an old promise I made to myself wayyy back in June (to forgo the purchase of Zimmerman bikinis for an entire year due to the spend-age of a weeks plus wage on a pair of Fleur T for Topshop bikinis when I was in London) has returned to haunt me.

Lucky for me I don't live for the past, I live a little for the future (i.e the future beach parties I hope to attend) and a lot for the now.

So for now, the Zimmerman summer gods are pointing me in the direction of the Bittersweet Twist one-piece in orchid....and the Billow loop knot bikinis in lilac....and perhaps the Chelsea frill bandeau bikini in leopard print.


  1. Ok first off- obsessed with that purple, one-piece swimsuit - it's beyond pretty. Secondly, the only thing I love more than the pictures you chose is your post title! Very cute.

  2. I LOVE ZIMMERMAN. fave swim tog brand out. so colourful

  3. btw, I can't believe you sound Miranda Kerr's skirt in real life - it looks so, so beautiful!

  4. I see you're in a similar pickle as me... I love the one piece in that first photograph so much!

  5. Zimmerman collections get a little more fabulous each year!

  6. that pink and black bathing-suit!!!!!!!!!!
    love it !!!!

  7. Hi,

    I'm so glad to see you giving Zimmermann Swimwear some good mentions. Their swimsuits and cover-ups are so hot!

    For those in the US...we carry quite a few Zimmermann swimsuits and beach items at

    (More coming in soon.)