Monday, November 9, 2009

tune in

Perusing the racks at Alice Euphemia last week (a monthly must do for all Melbournites) I came across too many a design that I so desperately "need". Funnily enough they were all from the same label - TV.

Born and bred in Melbourne, TV is the spawn of good friends and designers Monika Tywanek and Ingrid Verner. With some five collections now tucked firmly under their stylish belts, TV has become one of the rising labels in the Melbourne boutique scene and a future force to be reckoned with on a national level.

Throwing caution to the wind it is obvious that these two designers care little for boundaries and instead push their ideas to the limits with each season. Everything is unique and little of this season would lay claim to something akin to seasons before. You can see that their strength lies in difference and versatility rather than staking claim on one particular style and tweaking it from collection to collection. In my opinion it's a little different to what is out there at the moment; in that it mixes the on-trend with the slightly offbeat and quirky...and for that I am all the more happy to feast my eyes upon what TV has to offer.
On the rise, TV is sure to garner more of the attention it so rightly deserves and I'll be happy to tune in prime time and watch the ratings skyrocket.


  1. I would wear pretty much anything there in the bottom half. The top, though beautiful in the form of art, is a little too Halloweenish for me. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are all fantastic pieces! I absolutely love the third picture down..I don't know what it is..but I love it!!

  3. This lookbook is amazing - i love every single look in there!!

  4. omg girl, i want all those leopard print sweaters and everything!!!

    thank you for your comment
    your sweet!!
    awesome blog


  5. gorgeous header and love the leopard pieces!

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  6. i want to steal some of these outfits!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Ooo I really like all those looks, even though some look a tad wintery... oh wells! =P

  8. i am in LOVE with every single one of those outfits... do they have TV in the US? what an amazing post, thank you for the info. ps you're a great writer!



  9. The 8th pic from the back is so burberry chic.

  10. i really love all those outfits..especially the leopard

  11. ah i love these, that one with khaki pants and vest is so cute! I can seen why this line is doing so well.

  12. i need that leopard coat/sweater!

    also that white shirt and black pants are super chic!

    such a good find :)

  13. so i'm finally back to blogging!

    and wow, i love all the outfits!
    great post!

    love annie xx

  14. This collection is really really good, i love the hints of animal print here and there, the baggy jumper in particular
    Rianna Bethany

  15. Amazing lookbook, I love the leopard pieces♥


  16. Coolest collection ever! I couldn't decide which one I want more!! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! You're so sweet! xoxoxox

  17. this is soooo gooodd!!!

  18. OOh, I've never heard of her before :D Thanks !