Monday, November 9, 2009

slacking off this summer

Slacks, trousers, kegs...the humble pant has many a name and without doubt, many a style. Of the minute however, you can't seem to go past the silk drawn harem pant. Sashaying down catwalks for miles, harem pants have been the light weight option that has shone bright this European summer. Seen on the fashion set at catwalk shows in colours of dusty pink, Chloe draped white silks and the ubiquitous goes-with-everything nero black - the harem pant has made a comeback of notable proportions.

So as we edge into warmer territory on this side fo the world, we are setting aside our heavy weight jeans and slipping on what the euro's have been sporting for months now (preferably a pair of the leopard print Isabel Marant kind). Meanwhile over in the northern hemisphere they are simply dragging out their finest ankle boots and in-season clogs to pair with their harem's instead.
And whilst I am the first to admit I rant and rave about my hatred for winter on a regular basis, I really am all about the harem pants, the patterned jean, the sequined legging and the wide set pant at the moment. Quite ironic really given summer is rearing its 30 plus degree head as I type. However, I am choosing to denounce the obvious and will hold my head high repeating the words, 'fashion first - appropriate seasonal weather items second'.


  1. I would like to have that YSL top, very nice;)

  2. i TOTALLY agree, all i've been wearing are my silk boyfriend trousers and my other awesome pair of pants that chiquita with the YSL tee in your post is wearing. nice to have some options!


  3. i have always wanted that ysl sweater.
    & men's trousers, yesyestripleyes.

  4. AMEN!!! to that mantra! Summer can be a fashion, tights, coats, scarves, layering...GONE. Unless you are willing to suffer (a little) for fashion, it's singlets and cut offs with jandels (boring).
    PS Thanks for the visit.