Wednesday, August 19, 2009

daria e sempre in ritardo

Viewing: Daria Werbowy for Flare Magazine, Canada September 09.

The girl certainly has some flare about her that’s for sure. And for Flare Magazine itself, it was all about the rock chick, the leopard print, the mermaid within, the leather, the thigh high boots and the Louis Vuitton bunny-eared headband.

As for the title of the blog, everytime I hear her name not only do I think of piercing blue eyes and to-die-for cheek bones but I am also reminded of a time when I was a wee young high school student, attending Italian classes and dealing with the likes of a cartoon character named Dario from our Avanti textbook. Dario was forever late, hence the “sempre in ritardo” reference. Unfortunately for me, it is the only Italian that appears to still ring shrill in my ears…that and the word vorrei, because a girl never stops wanting things.


  1. hahah great post.
    daria werbowy is so beautiful!


  2. I love Daria... she has great personal style and makes just about anything look amazing! :)