Thursday, August 6, 2009

in transit

Greetings from Sicily. It is here where I am based for the next week, dipping my toes in crystal clear Mediterranean waters and soaking up rays on a yacht (read: a small paddle boat that we hire each day for a grand total of 30 euro). Palermo is the epicentre of all things Italian mafia, it is a place where the women deem it mandatory to where 10inch platform wedge heels as they traipse along the white sand dripping in gold jewelery and sequined two pieces. It is the place where the men carry themselves with much pride and dress in crisp white shirts and chino pants with not a hair out of place or a bead of sweat despite their closed shoe brown loafers and the thirty plus degree heat. This place certainly is no Paris but it carries a different heartbeat, one that rings true to the sound of the Gypsy Kings playing well into the hazy summer nights. A place where it should be nothing but floral maxi dresses billowing in the wind and wavy hair smelling rich of sea salt and falling softly upon sun kissed shoulders....or at least this is what we are attempting to emanate whilst here. Please do wish us luck as I think we need it

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