Monday, August 24, 2009

the model and the scarf

Once upon a time in a faraway land, known not to many of us, there were a number of off duty models who lived in various loft apartments throughout Paris, New York, London and every other grand city in between. These models were rarely spotted off the runway without their uber skinny leg jeans, their tailored blazers, their ankle boots of suede or leather, and the piece de resistance, the humble scarf.

This short fable and its illustrations above depicts the use of the scarf as an accessory of sorts for the model. An accessory that is often wrapped several times over and around their slender necks and is often highlighted by a wavy, glossy mane or the remaining wisps of their ballerina buns. In short, the scarf is their trademark and my-oh-my don't they own it well.


  1. omgosh gemma ward is just way too pretty!
    and i like the scarf in the 9th picture.
    who is the model anyway?