Tuesday, August 4, 2009

all points in any direction but south

The subject is music festivals. We say it’s all about the music but you and I both know that it is just as easily about what those around you are sporting rather than listening to.

For us mere mortals festivals usually mean footwear that is comfortable, carefully torn Levis made into shorts, accompanied by oversized tees and whatever eyewear the fashion gods have deemed us to wear that season. We have learnt to hold on all things fluro and we pray there are fewer males with tees on than off. And while we usually struggle in blistering summer sun as beads of sweat trickle down our legs and the minimal makeup we have applied melts deeper into the dust marks that now line our face, it appears that this isn’t so for those model folk. Case in point at last weekends ‘All Points West Festival', where their appearance was anything less than south of the border of fabulosity.

Yes that means you Agnes Deyne in your to-die-for-tie-dyed cape, and you Alexa Chung in your polka dot dress and even you Catherine McNeil in your slouchy tee and harem pants and to the reveller in the camel hued platform heels, how is it that you were able to navigate the grassy terrain all the while moving to the beats of Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Q-Tip, La Roux and Lykke Li, just to name a few? I envy thee so…and look forward to my next festival in which I will focus solely on the music and perhaps sneak a few glances at those around me from underneath my Karen Walker’s.

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  1. 100% Alexa Love :)
    thanks for the wonderful comment and compliment *wow*