Wednesday, August 26, 2009

take me to your boudoir

High-waisted hot pants have been in for a while. Read: ever since Kate Moss was seen flashing her gams in a pair of black ones sans tights at Glastonbury a few years back (black mudded Hunter gumboots up to her knees and sparkly cape covering her shoulders were of course added for good measure)
However only in recent times has the high waisted hot pant hit main street fashion. And you don't get more main street than Topshop. It was only just yesterday that I witnessed girls clamouring over the top of each other to get their hands on a pair of the black sequined ones they have in store.
On the streets of Camden and Shoreditch I have seen a brave few who have attempted to pull this look off, usually accompanied by an oversized cardigan or checked shirt to add a more vintage element to what is essentially becoming a mass trend (because the fashion set on Brick Lane wouldn't want us to think they shop atTopshop right?)
Which brings me to this question, can us non-model types really pull off this look or should we leave it to the likes of Kate, Sienna and Kruger? I think I'll sit this one out for the moment but i shall eagerly watch the hot pant parade...from the comforting confines of my own boudoir

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  1. I love the 1st picture!