Wednesday, December 9, 2009

walk this way, talk this way

Found these little gems on the Topshop website and my black heart skipped a beat. I have two pairs of ankle boots that I have worn to death over the past few months, and although I still love them dearly and will likely refuse to part ways with them this summer, I think its time for some newbies...just because.

With my credit card on the way to being cleared and the overseas debt starting to subside (ever so slightly), I think it is my duty to give these boots a home. I have cleared a space in the wardrobe and laid down some tissue paper in anticipation of their arrival. Now I just need to decide between the Alexus mesh boot, the Able Suede Heeled Trainer or the Alexus Platform Chelsea boot.

Or should I bite the proverbial bullet and tell all three pairs to start walking this way?

Walk this Way - Aerosmith


  1. oh my HEAVEN! those shoes are FABOO! i hope you got at least one of them.

  2. I've loved those since I first saw them, too! Great picks--let us know which you go for, if any!


  3. I don't like the middle one but I love the other 2 and WANT them!

  4. I so want the 1st and 3rd pair!