Saturday, December 12, 2009

the knitted quarterback

When you think American football you often think of huddles, head gear, receivers, Miller Lite beer and hot dogs. I doubt legions of football fans would think fashion.

Yet, behold Sandra Backlund.
It appears that Backlund (much like Alexander Wang spring/summer 10) has taken inspiration directly from the all American quarterback, in that its all about the super sized shoulders (rather than the super sized american meal deal). And might I say, she sure is on to a winning formula.

The blatantly overdone shoulders are accompanied by embellishments of the prettiest kind and each and every piece is handcrafted and knit by Backlund herself (she often sequesters herself in her studio with her knitting needles for hours on end). She is one of those designers whereby her pieces are more a work of art than a garment.

So whilst Backlund and her homeland of Sweden may know very little about American football, the concept of the knitted quarterback may be something that they and all those in the fashion know might want to look into - as it is essentially a garment that not only keeps you warm and looks on-trend, but has the potential to prevent injuries.

Backlund, you might say, is something of an all-rounder.


  1. Wooow! I would love to use some of those looks to photograph an editorial!!

  2. fantastic clothes and everything!the models look like plastic dolls!
    have fun ;)

  3. Wow what a rad designer! I like their crazy make up too!

  4. 1) Great header!
    2) What an amazing photos and garments. Oh my god, love it! The knitted quarterback - favoured!

  5. srsly amazing...

    come enter my giltgroupe contest!

  6. oh my god.
    that second last photo.
    that top.

    i want it. i want it now.

    buy it for me for christmas

  7. haha!

    aka- the cloth gorilla. (specifically #2)

  8. i looooov this photos! your blog is so great! :)


  9. Loveeess it!! That is a pretty good inspiration and it came out looking fabulous!


  10. These are incredible textures and silhouettes. Especially digging the first, third and fourth pics.

  11. antastic clothes and everything!the models look like plastic

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