Sunday, December 6, 2009

its not the weather, hand me my leather

Miroslava Duma got me onto leather shorts. I couldn't' stop thinking about them after seeing her sporting a brown A-line pair at New York Fashion week earlier this year. Epic perfection if there was such a thing.

I managed to track down a pair at an op shop off Sydney Road in Brunswick a month or so ago. Much to my horror when I returned to purchase them they were all but gone. Because who wouldn't' want to snap up a $60 pair of vintage black leather shorts ? Silly silly girl I am.
Since then, I have yet to find anything close to what I am after. For now I will just have to make do with the burnt orange leather skirt I managed to find last week...and live in hope that come winter I will be able to, a) afford a pair of Alexander Wang's leather shorts or, b) track down the buyer of those op shop shorts and offer them a pretty penny in exchange for what was rightfully mine.

And it's not the weather. Hand me my leather
- lyrics by Tori Amos -


  1. great post!
    love the brown ones in the third pic!

  2. haha I love the level of disgruntelment at the bottom of this post- you'll find your pair, don't worry! They are rather sharp looking.

  3. Alexander wang shorts are the bomb.
    Thanks for the comment! xxx Camilla

  4. There are a lot of amazing looks here, but I'm not totally sure about how I feel about leather shorts for myself...

  5. I really want a pair of leather shorts!

    Lovely blog!

  6. Oh how I feel your pain... I've had zero luck tracking down leather shorts too:( You couldn't have picked a better selection to show off to make my want for them so much stronger!!

    Thanks for your sweet comments lately- seriously put the hugest smile on my face:)

    ps: The stripe dress is Agent Ninety Nine from General Pants.The Pink floral dress I borrowed from a friend so I'm unsure( sorry). All the other buys are from all different places mostly vintage stores though. If there's something in particular that you'd liked to know where I got it from just let me know:)

  7. love it!!!
    thanks for your reaction!!!!
    Bruce is great i went last summer to pinkpop where performd,with my mom!!!!!

  8. oh wow so many great outfits in one place
    i really like your blog!


  9. lovely blog!
    defenitely want a pair of leather shorts!

  10. This is awesome, I sooooo want so leather shorts xxx

  11. Love this look!
    Can't wait till it gets a bit warmer!
    Following you no btw.