Sunday, December 6, 2009

sunday pretties

Sometimes you should knock back Sunday afternoon drinks with friends to spend time with your sister, to spend time eating pancakes, to spend time laughing at each other, to spend time walking the streets with the sun beating down on your back, to spend time wandering aimlessly around Chapel Street Bazaar searching for all things silver and floaty floral summer dresses, to spend time napping in the afternoon, to spend time watching repeats of Seinfeld, to spend time looking at pretty pretty photos.

So whilst my friends kicked back at Windsor Castle, numerous ice cold Corona's in hand, I did the family thing and despite the pancakes (with lashing of whipped butter and maple syrup aside), my waistline feels all the better for it :)


  1. Oh my gosh, cutest post ever. I love that wording at the bottom and I so know how you feel! Sometimes I'm hit with the same dilemma but it all works out in the end. Great pictures btw, I love the one of the girl from the side, B&W, hair cascading on naked back. Very pretty.

  2. love it great inspiration!!!
    xoxox amber
    follow me!!!!

  3. i love this post! ps. i changed my url thing so the one in your links wont work anymore. its now x x