Thursday, January 13, 2011

house and garden

I have soon begun to discover (not long after I first started) that apartment hunting isn't as fun as I thought it might be. It's all good and well until that all too familiar wave of rejection comes crashing down upon you when you are told that you didn't get the place you have been gunning for/obsessing over/dreaming about for the last few days.

Nevertheless you move on and onto the next art deco, north facing, "stunning" two bedroom apartment and repeat the same continuous cycle. The one bright side of the rent cycle is that it brings out your inner interior design smarts. And by this I mean it has you frantically blog stalking other peoples design ideas and racking your brain trying to think where you can source an ornate bathtub, those black and white tiles in Kate Spade's kitchen, and airy fairy lights to hang over your 4- poster antique bed.

And on a completely unrelated note - aren't these outfits divine?


  1. I'm apartment hunting at the moment too at the moment so feel your pain! Love this post X