Thursday, July 28, 2011

colour block me

I'm black and white through and through with minimal shades of grey and beige and the occasional ruby red lip. This season's pops of colour don't sit well with me and have me retreating even further into my ready to wear 'funeral appropriate' wardrobe. It's not that colour scares me, its just that black is like the best friend that never fails me. Having said that, the above photos with their rainbows of fuchsia, orange and aqua have me lime green with envy (bodacious tan included). Perhaps with the right amount of bronzer the all sombre ensemble can be laid to rest for one evening...


  1. Love those bright colors !! Round up the colours of summer 2011 very nicelyy !

  2. aweeesome pics! I love the aztec clutch, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Last pic. LOVE LOVE LOVE XOXO