Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in no great Russh

A lovely friend of mine (no, not the label) gifted me with a 12 month subscription to Russh for my birthday a few months ago.

I received the first edition a few weeks back but it has taken until today to get through the entire edition.

Perusing through Russh is like a million presents in one. Each time I turn a page the excitement I feel for what is on the next page is palpable. So much so that I purposely never allow myself to read more than 3 articles at a time just so I can drag out my Russh experience all that much longer.

Sad. But true.

See above for my Russh favs as seen in the April edition of Russh Magazine 2010.


  1. jealous, a russh subscription would be heavenly!
    Rianna xxxxx

  2. i looove a good glossy magazines, subsriptions are a gift from the gods ;p


  3. OHhh got to check out that mag!

  4. i want the boots in the first picture! also item for sale

    x x