Sunday, August 15, 2010

who is harley viera newton?

Her myspace reads: Female/97/London/New York
her face suggests she is much younger than these 97 years

Google her and the words 'it girl', DJ, musician and muse litter the page
because what 'it' girl isn't a faux musician?

Her mother is Brazilian, her father British, she was raised in LA and currently resides in NY
the classic upbringing of a socialite

She graduated high school in an Azzedine Alaïa cat suit
and so the headlines began at an early age

She juggles classes at NYU (where she studies Egyptology) with her sometimes role as bassist in the Lissy Trullie band, regular guest DJ appearances, ambassador for Christian Dior, co host of New York radio show 'Teenage Kicks" and just the general beings of an IT girl/style icon/muse.

So who is Harley Viera Newton?
the epitome of New York city style, the epitome of New York city cool.


  1. this girl is a babe...and what amazing style she has <3

  2. love her style! x

  3. this girl is haaawt. seriously how good are it girls. my favourite at the moment is atlanta de cadenet, such a beauty x

  4. She is also one lucky girl love her life style and style great post xoxo

  5. i'm definitely a fan of her style
    she used a be a bit more present and now not-so-much but it's a good thing(when they post 14987324983274398724 pictures of someone, they get on my nerves)

    p.s. fanks mate! i got them in a thrift shop run by grannies, they're men's shoes!

  6. she is gorgeous!! her photos are so inspirational

    stop by sometime<3

  7. she's gorgeous, i love her style.

  8. she really has lovely style! i'd never heard of her until now thanks :)

    Monica xx

    and thankyou for visiting my blog! i appreciate it :)

  9. I didnt know about her, but she is great! nice selection of photos x)


  10. never heard of her but looking at her pictures no wonder why people call her an 'It Girl' her life looks amazing!!

    xx DIana

  11. She looks awesome Loooove her style!

  12. Egyptology? Woah, fucking r-e-s-p-e-c-t <3