Monday, November 8, 2010

would you like a side of fake with that?

Last week, a friend of mine made the comment that he rarely reads an article these days that doesn't ridiculously over-praise the likes of someone in the fashion industry. He said it is a great deal rare to find articles that truly critique the likes of a designers collection. He said we were all in it for our name on a guest list, a plus one and the freebies involved in the praise.

I disputed this to a degree. I love to write, I love fashion, pure and simple. But I guess its a bit of a catch 22. When you're a wannabe fashion journalist, making contacts is like the Wang without the Alexander...without contacts you have no spine to hold your back up. Praising people makes you more friends (facebook friends that is), more friends means more contacts, more contacts, means more work, more work means more happiness right?

Doesn't it...


  1. totally agree, it's all about who you know. kind of tough!

  2. I looove ur blog!! :)
    amazing pics!!!!

    i am following you now!!!

    thanks for ur comment!!



  3. I absolutely love your blog and those pictures have made my day. I think your friend's comment is kind of harsh but in this industry that we all love, it is (unfortunately) more about who you know and not always about merit. That sucks but then if you love something and want to do it, you have to keep pushing!x