Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'cause i try and i try and i try

The Rolling Stones sang it true when they uttered the words, 'I can't get no satisfaction' because just when the weather turns and I get those deliciously balmy 30+ degree days that I have been so longing for I get a strong craving for chunky woolen knits. The kind of knits you throw on over Bassike tees, your most worn jeans and weathered boots, open fire place not included.

It is in my experience to never ignore cravings...so I'm just going to go with it. I'll just counterbalance my most favourite winter knits with some ripped summer shorts, a refreshing mojito and some serious air-conditioning.


  1. Love your post! And I like the look!

  2. Seriously loving the winter knits at the moment but London is so chilly at the moment, I'm almost tempted to forgo getting dressed altogether and stay in bed!X

  3. love every single look here!!!!!!!

    amazin post!

    kiss kiss my dear!