Sunday, May 16, 2010

the apple doesn't fall far from the coconut tree

I grew up listening to the Rolling Stones.

I was named after Mick Jagger's daughter Jade, my sister...Angie, after the famed song.

If their albums weren't blaring at our house, then my mum wasn't home.

To me, The Stones, are the epitome of cool - Jagger a playboy rock n' roll icon, Keith Richards (to me and most likely me only) the most charming and style savvy 60+ year old going around. I actually shed tears when I heard Richards had fallen out of a tree whilst climbing for coconuts a few years back...such was my devastation at the thought of him leaving this world.

So I'm sure it comes as no surprise to find out that I am equally as obsessed with the offspring of the Stone's men. I've blogged about Georgia May Jagger before but it's Theodora Richards that has really got my heart these days. Where Georgia Jagger has the pillow lips and doe-eyed look that men so desperately fall for, Theodora Richards has the less obvious charm and the looks that you need to go searching a little harder for.

Her style is mostly glam rock but is masked with the offbeat, gritty style, that only her father can pull of.

Oh how I wish papa was a rolling stone...


  1. What an awesome story :) Thanks for sharing those pictures. I'm definitely saving some for inspiration!


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  3. i love her and all her outfits!

  4. The photos are amazind and so is the story!

  5. gorgeous photos! i especially love the black & white ones :) theodora is amazing & so is georgia! have a lovely weekend ♥

  6. Through the images I feel like I've been able to grasp a part of her life - wonderful to have fashion that tells a story. She looks great and the photos all fit together nicely. Great job!

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