Tuesday, May 11, 2010

sing for your supper

Sometimes there comes a time when you have to sing for your supper. Fortunately for me I have a plate of leftovers to be microwaved and a voice that is not quite ready for public consumption.

Should I keep up this whole writing gig however, I may just find myself busking on the streets of Melbourne to earn a pretty penny.

Having said that, the good news rolled in this week (and funnily enough has continued to do so ever since). I managed to pull an article in Fashion Journal 97.

You can grab yourself a free copy at most fashion boutiques, chain stores and cafes in and around your city, or check out the online version HERE

A big thank you to editor Leah White for persisting with my piece and how can I forgo a mention to the lovely ladies at TV who made it all possible...Ingrid Verner and Monika Tywanek (http://www.tvthelabel.com/)

And lastly I'd like to thank the higher beings from above, without which, I never would've made it this far in life

*cue music and shameless tears*


  1. Your blog is so inspirational!
    I love the outfits you post, you have great style,
    Will be back for more :)

    Hope your can check out mine and maybe follow


  2. That's so cool!! Congrats for the featurre :-) xxoxoxoxoo

  3. congrats thats awesome! love the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POv, let he know what you think


  4. congrats on the article! I'm a writer myself, so TRUST ME, I understand the hardship! keep up the whole writing gig ;)


  5. Congrats!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog : ) xx

  6. Love them too! Nice blog!