Sunday, May 23, 2010

if i were but a mere male

If I were but a mere male....

I would want friends like Teddy, Gordie, Chris and even Vern from Stand by Me. I would want a Breitling Montbrilliant Datora watch which wouldn't at all match the skater boy image I was trying to exude thanks to my abundance of tattoos. But then again neither would my man bag, Givenchy leggings or rolled up chino's revealing my I Heart London socks. But that's where good (looking) mates Jake Gyllenhaal and Joaquin Phoenix would step in to defend me, as I sat back with my vintage grandpa hat and strummed my guitar, all the whilst wishing I was actually a drummer.


  1. river phoenix. what a freaking babe. is that weird i think that? he's about 12 years old in that movie.

  2. awesome photos. men should look at more fashion blogs for tips! :*


  3. Stunning post! Have a lovely wknd xx