Monday, May 31, 2010

laneway magazine for little red

Ch-check my wee little write up on Melbourne kings of doo-wop Little Red at Laneway Magazine.

I managed to pull aside guitarist and vocalist Adrian Beltrame to talk all things musical, future direction and fashion forward. Bringing the sixties back in a Beach Boy kind of way you can spy these boys lurking in and around Melbourne in Hawaiian shirts and thrifted which I am told they don't tend to wash too often. Oh the charm!

But blink and you'll miss them as London has come calling again and the boys are leaving on a jet plane later this month.


  1. the sleeping things in the background are gnarly!

  2. cool pictures!
    check out my blog!
    Just saw an old comment from you on my blog!;)
    x amber

  3. Coollll like the first guys outfit most

  4. cutiest photos..loving them!