Thursday, July 16, 2009

Add another feather to your unfashionable cap?

It is with good reason that fashion and fame go hand in hand, for could you imagine a red carpet littered with Target and Primark couture? I think not. It is for this reason we find ourselves in an age when movie stars, minor celebrities and musicians alike are jumping the fence and adding "designer" to their repertoire. They believe the transition from celebrity to designer to be a mere extension of their "artistic" position.

With the exception of a small few who seem to have kept it simple enough to appeal to the fashion conscious (read: Chloe Sevigny, the Olsen Twins, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani) I believe the others all stop short of complete and utter failure. Harsh perhaps? But have you ever heard of Karl Lagerfield twittering about where you can get last seasons Chanel shoes half price? C'mon now Jessica Simpson, where is the class or did Nick get custody of it in the divorce?

Moving on from Simpson, we have another reality tv star alum in Lauren Conrad who recently took a break from her 'burgeoning' fashion career. Apparantely charging through the roof for basic nylon pieces that you could get from American Apparel for half the price wasn't really working out so much for her. Fear not however as we haven't seen the last of her collection, she is simply taking the time off to "make her threads even more desirable for fans". For the fans hey? Funnily enough I have never heard the likes of Galliano or Missoni talking about these "fans".

In all fairness though celebrities have done a great job in covering all aspects of fashion for us mere mortals who wait on the edge of our seats for their next move. At our disposal (and I mean that quite literally) we have Lindsay Lohan's insanely priced cut out leggings, then there is Beyonce's House of Dereon offering up haute coture like no other and now Beth Ditto has even managed to put her name to a line for UK Chain store Evans targetting plus sized folk like herself. However tell me this, are figure hugging sequined dresses or domino effect leggings really the way to go when you're not exactly lithe?

The question I really want answered though is do these celebs slash designers really think they can kick it with the big guns? Do they see the labels L.A.M.B and House of Harlow up there with the houses of Gucci and Hermes? This I wonder...

I have a feeling that if they were to grant me an answer to this question (and I don't mean a truthful one, I mean one that was crafted by the publicists sitting next to them) they would tell me that, that isn't what it is all about, "It's about creating pieces for the normal modern day women, with a touch of hollywood glamour and a spin on their own style, all at an affordable price".

Yes because thats what the world needs, the ability to afford style in the form of Lindsay Lohan created spray-on-pants and fake tan.

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