Wednesday, July 29, 2009

le simple life

There is something about les françaises that differentiates them from city folk the world over. Don’t worry I didn’t just come to this realization over the weekend as I sat in un petite bar overlooking the well-dressed set spilling onto le Boulevard St-Michel. I have known this for quite some time. But with each visit I come to realize more and more that the phrase “effortless chic” should be made copyright to Parisienne’s only.

They keep it understated, nothing is ever overdone, they use block colors, they avoid patterns, they wear sky high heels as they walk Le Jardin de Tuileries …all the while their baguettes are gracefully placed under one arm, their Burberry Prorsum leather totes slung carefully over the other. Despite their reputation there is no fuss to the French, all in all they keep it simple.

The word simple in French is spelt ‘simple’. No different to the English composition yet how is that they get is oh-so right every time and we seem to just miss the mark? C'est un mystère

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  1. so in love with the girl in the third picture....i bet she looked amazing front on haha!