Monday, July 20, 2009

Misty water coloured failure

Is it just me or does something about this ensemble scream Barbara Streisand?
May I just preface what I am about to say with the fact that Streisand usually looks fabulously decked-out given her age, but let's be honest here the lady does have quite a soft spot for anything 'off the shoulder'. Leona on the other hand, should know better, after all she isn't going on 60 plus. Or is she? Everyone lies about their age in Hollywood so I suppose it wouldn't suprise anyone if Leona really was just a 70 year old with an amazing plastic surgeon. Or perhaps her and Streisand shared a dressing room and they got their outfits mixed up? Perhaps Streisand is on the red carpet at this exact moment in a figure hugging black dress, one that would've looked a treat on young Lewis. Or maybe (sigh/gasp/sigh) Lewis just got it wrong? Hey we all make mistakes.

Dear Leona, it's one thing to be inspired by icons musically but another to be inspired by them in the fashion stakes, particularly when one is light years older than the other.

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