Tuesday, July 21, 2009

not over until the waif lady sings

Kate Moss to front The Kills?

No no no. Say it isn’t so. Kate Moss I love thee. You’re style is an inspiration to us all, you are a woman who single handedly has made us all see something in Pete Doherty that we may never have seen before (or is that still just me?). For this reason I hope it is rumor rather than fact that you have your fashionably gum-booted heels dug deep into the ground and hell bent on auditioning as a replacement for Allison Mosshart (the former Kills front woman has left to concentrate on new super group The Deadweather). Current beau and Kills member, Jamie Hince is said to be dead against the idea but Moss is adamant that she wants her voice out there in a bid to pursue her ever present "musical aspirations" (dating rock stars on high speed rotation isn't enough to satisfy her musical aspirations?).

Quick someone get Sir Phillip Green on the line offering her a new line to design for Topshop. Better yet get Naomi Campbell on the phone to teach her the art of writing a widely panned novel that only sells copies to your mother or those you threaten abuse via mobile phone throwing.

Please Miss Moss I plead with thee, save our ears and continue to bless our eyes with your heroin chic style, your carefully accessorized rock star boyfriends and your so-short-no-one-else-could-pull-these-shorts-off-but-you-shorts.

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