Thursday, July 16, 2009

A time when the models were super

Supermodel is a word that shouldn’t be used lightly. They say Giselle has it and Gemma Ward is on her way to it. But no one quite does it like they did it in the nineties. They single handedly changed the way in which fashion is presented today. They had brains, beauty and business savvy (lets just erase the whole failed Fashion CafĂ© saga for the moment).
Today anyone can be a model, from the famed movie star to the reality TV-star trying to turn their five-minutes of fame into ten, to the d-list “actress” who trawls the streets of Hollywood feigning shock at the paparazzi who greet her every move.

Bring back Christy, Elle, Claudia, Cindy, Stephanie, Namoi and Linda. They were what they were…super human, super flawless, super beautiful and they didn’t get out of bed for anything less than $10,000 which in the modelling industry and the current economic crisis is a bargain.

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