Monday, September 14, 2009

bend it like beckham

You've got to hand it to Mrs David Beckham (as she will perpetually forever be known). She has impressed us all with her last two DVB collections (albeit basic & structured yet undoubtedly classy) and this time around she has managed to spice things up for her third collection (no pun intended). The lady has injected some colour and a little sass into those bone corseted dresses that are said to hold you in, in all the right places whilst creating the illusion of perfect curves. We are seeing splashes of red and yellow and low and behold ... patterns!

Well played Posh, I'm digging on the red and black floor length cut-out dress. Now kick back, relax and eat something, you're a success


  1. Thanks for stopping by NQQxxx honey and showing some love <3

    I'm really feeling your stylish posts and b/c of this I'll be stalking it!! ...back shortly <3

  2. P.S: I've added your lovely blog to my list so that other NQQxxx readers can link to it <3

  3. Thanks for your comment!
    I love your blog!

  4. those dresses are perfect for victoria, i don't like them on this model thought,
    great dresses overall!!


  5. these dresses are SO victoria bekham haha.
    thanks for the comment! i know right. us girls need a rich boyfriend every now and then ;)